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Design of the Week: White Rabbit Figurine

This week’s selection is Danny Van Ryswyk’s amazing White Rabbit Figurine. 

We viewed the sculpture in person at this year’s London 3D Printshow, where the delicate figurine was protected from unwanted touches by a glass top. The sculpture portrays the character from Lewis Carroll's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in a unique manner.

While the sculpture is 3D printed in polyamide by i.Materialise, it has been skillfully finished with acrylic paint. The choice of finishing colors gives the piece a dark feel, one that perhaps matches Carroll's original intent. 

Van Ryswyk says: 

When needed, I use a few unconventional methods. For example, using a toothbrush to splatter paint on parts of the surface to create texture. I might also cover the surface with a transparent wash of paint and wipe it away to highlight focus on parts and bring out details. 
There are no rules, I invent and take risks and see where it goes from there. This is how I make my art. 

And that is why we selected this beautiful piece. 

Via Danny Van Ryswyk

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