Enter the 2015 Extreme Redesign Challenge

Enter the 2015 Extreme Redesign Challenge

It’s that time of year again: time to consider entering Stratasys’ Extreme Redesign Challenge. 

The annual contest is open to students worldwide in several categories. The idea is to create the most useful and innovative 3D printable design. It’s a tough competition with increasing numbers of participants with ever-so-ingenious designs. We’re always impressed with the imagination of the entries. 

You could be one of them, if you’re a student (or two person student team) in one of these categories:

  • Engineering: Secondary Education (middle and high school)
  • Engineering: Post-Secondary (university, college or post-secondary)
  • Art or architecture (any grade level)

What is Stratasys looking for? These are the factors being judged for each entry received before February 11th, 2015: 

  • Sound mechanical design and part integrity
  • Compelling description (written and/or video)
  • Design creativity
  • Product usefulness
  • Aesthetics (art or architecture category)

Winners can receive a variety of prizes, including cash scholarships, a print of their design, apparel, a demo 3D printer or even a trip to attend a 3D printing conference. Trust us, that last one is a really good prize. 

Can you do this? Of course you can.  Enter below. 

Via Stratasys

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