Bre Quits? Not A Surprise

Rumors continue to bounce around the 3D printing community regarding a leak indicating the impending departure of Bre Pettis from MakerBot. Big news? We don’t think so.

The rumor evidently sourced from an apparent internal MakerBot document informing staff of a bit of a corporate shuffle. From what we can gather, the gist of it is that Bre moves from his long-held CEO position to the board of directors level. This frees him from day-to-day work and provides the opportunity for him to focus on “fun” projects he’s likely wanted to do for a long time. 

Think about it: you work very hard to build a company and someone pays you a huge sum for it; what do you do? You first replace yourself (check!) then you arrange a higher-level position where you’re still involved and can provide guidance, but not requiring daily effort (check!) and then you’d start work on something you have great passion for (check!)

You would do no different if faced with the same situation. For us, this is the inevitable outcome of the path MakerBot embarked upon when accepting major investments in past years.

For our friend Bre, it’s “mission accomplished”, if the rumors are true.

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