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XYZ Printing Working on Secret Resin Machine

XYZ Printing is developing a resin-based 3D printer that looks much like another machine we’ve seen before. 

The “3DJET” machine is only a prototype and is not yet for sale. XYZ Printing would not tell us when the machine is to be released, as the machine shown is only a “concept”. 

We can say that this machine can print layers as small as 0.005mm (5 microns) in a volume of 148 x 105 x 120mm. 

The output from this machine is terrific: highly accurate, smooth and even colorful. 

Some of the print samples displayed were so small the company provided a magnifying glass to see them properly. This demonstrates the fine-detail capability of the 3DJET. 

However, it is not clear what process is used by the 3DJET. Even in this company video, the internal process is entirely hidden. We were not permitted to look inside the machine, but we’d guess that they’re using some type of inkjet system reminiscent of Objet’s PolyJet process. 

But that’s a process with in-force patents. 

Perhaps XYZ Printing has used a slightly different process in the 3DJET, but we won’t know until they officially reveal what’s happening inside the box. Meanwhile, we’re certain Stratasys is watching closely.

Via XYZ Printing

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