ESUN’s Fast 3D Body Scanner

By on January 20th, 2015 in Hardware


Need to capture a 3D model of an elusive subject? You might consider the ESUN full body scanner. 

It’s an arrangement of cameras that can capture a subject in under three seconds. According to company representatives, the device then takes another five seconds to register and process the captured images. After ten minutes, the complete 200Mb 3D model is completed, which is usually compressed down to around 15Mb. 

The results are pretty decent, as you can see in this image of a captured subject 3D printed on a color printer, likely a 3D Systems ProJet. We saw several excellent figurine prints. 

This type of scanner is ideal for uncooperative subjects that can remain still only for brief moments. Pets, children and adults of questionable stability are easily captured. It seems like the kind of device you might find permanently installed in a mall or 3D photo studio.

ESUN 3D says the scans are accurate to 0.05mm (50 microns), but that seems more accurate than the prints we examined. The process used by the ESUN devices is a combination of structured light and optical capture. 

The scanner itself is composed of four instrumented pylons that are arranged around the scanning volume as per the image at top. Note that in the center of the scan volume, they’ve placed a standard calibration box for setup purposes. Installation is “simple”, but they provide one-week training for use of hardware and software. 

Currently the ESUN scanner is sold in China, but they’re seeking resellers elsewhere. Apparently the suggested retail price is USD$90,000 for the unit, with a wholesale reseller price of USD$60,000, so there could be considerable margin on this machine for those interested in selling it. 


By Kerry Stevenson

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