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Robo3d Updates Their 3D Printers

Last year Robo3D had but a single 3D printer on their product shelf. Now, things are quite different. 

The company has updated their existing 3D printer product and introduced a few more. 

The “R2” is their flagship personal 3D printer and it’s received several improvements over the R1, including a somewhat larger build volume, a dual metal hot end, which should be capable of printing more types of filament, touch screen and a WiFi interface to simplify setup and printing. The R2 also includes an automated leveling system that should shorten everyone’s workflow. 

The main difference, however, is the entirely enclosed build volume. This permits heat to be captured within the chamber and should significantly reduce warping of challenging materials like ABS. Vented air passes through a carbon filter to reduce particulate pollution. 

Another new machine from Robo3D is the “R2 Mini”. It’s basically a smaller version of the R2, but can print only in PLA as it does not have a heated build surface. The R2 Mini will retail for USD$399, which is a very good price. 

We are usually concerned when the price of a 3D printer dips lower than USD$400, as that price is likely too low to support continued development. However, in this case, the R2 Mini strongly leverages the full-size R2 technology and thus we suspect Robo3D can get away with the low priced R2 Mini.

For those with one nearby, both CostCo and Fry’s now carry Robo3D equipment, as Robo3D joins others in becoming available at major retail chains. 

Via Robo3D

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