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Reminder: We Have Two Great Deals For You!

Hey readers: we don’t want you to forget that we currently have two terrific offers available to you. 

New readers may have missed this, but we have arranged a special discount for anyone wishing to purchase a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro Wireless. If you don’t know about this amazing device, check out our recent review. For those requiring a quick explanation, it’s a well-supported and powerful 3D mouse that can supercharge your 3D modeling workflow. 

Our special offer involves a 10% discount off the normal purchase price for a SpaceMouse Pro Wireless, if you use code “FAB103DM” at checkout. 

The second offer we’d like to bring to your attention is our ongoing Stratasys workflow contest. It’s very straightforward to enter: simply fill out the form with a brief description of how the presence of a 3D printer could (or has) changed your normal workflow. Just tell us how things were sped up, made more creative or how money will rain from the sky with your 3D printer. Later on we’ll select a winner who will be the proud owner of a USD$200 Amazon gift certificate and be featured on this blog. Just think: that gift certificate could become a big discount on the purchase of a new 3D printer to actually make that workflow change! 

You can enter the contest by filling out the form right here.  It only takes a few short moments and you just might be the winner. 

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