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The Felix Pro 1 3D Printer

Felix Printers has released a powerful new 3D printer, the Felix Pro 1. 

Felix Printers made their name by selling the notable Felix 3D printer in kit and assembled form for years. Now they’ve taken the experiences gained from that machine and created an entirely new machine of much higher capability. They say it’s “the best 3D printer we’ve ever built!”

Basically, they’ve implemented a “wish list” of features they believe should be included on any desktop 3D printer and produced the PRO 1. The features boil down to these four: 

Automatic Bed Leveling. The requirement to manually adjust the print bed before prints can be quite annoying, but there’s no such problem on the PRO 1, as the machine includes “automatic calibration”. 

Filament Sensors. This machine can detect when filament runs out and will automatically pause the machine - and prompt you to swap spools on the fancy LCD display. This feature also can detect aberrations in the flow of filament. 

Smart, Enhanced Extruder. The dual extruder has several new features, including an all-metal hot end, capable of 3D printing almost any material up to 275C. The two hot ends can be quickly replaced (“one click swap”) to enable printing at different plastic volumes (with larger nozzles, for example). But what’s most interesting to us is that the nozzle not in use is automatically swung away from print operations. This may not look like much, but this is a critical point for reliability: many dual extruder prints fail because the “other” print nozzle accidentally strikes the print, knocking it off the bed or worse. This scenario cannot happen on the Felix PRO 1. Watch this video to see how it works:

Removable Print Bed. After a print completes, you simply lift out the bed and peel off the prints. But wait - if you have a second print bed, you can quickly insert it and start a subsequent print before you’ve even removed the first prints from the bed! This can speed up operations if you’re running your machine flat out.  

The PRO 1 can print in a volume of up to 255 x 245 x 225mm (a bit less on the X-axis when in dual-extruder mode), which is large enough for most desktop projects. Minimum layer size is only 0.05mm, tighter than many commonly available 3D printers. The heated print surface can go up to 105C, meaning you can print ABS and other warpy materials. 

The Felix PRO 1 is available now (and just beginning shipping this month) for €2,150 (USD$2,310). 

Via Felix Printers

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