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Design of the Week: Clasp

This week’s selection is the surprisingly useful “Handy Clasp” from Cult’s contributor Avooq. 

We could say this item is “Handy”, simply because it is literally a “hand”! The intention of the design is to provide an amusing method of handling small items with power cords. They say it’s a “handy pendant light, iPhone cord dock, power switch cover, table lamp in one.” They explain: 

Clasp has been designed to work with any corded appliance. It's two part shell provides a cover for anything between the power point and the device cord hiding all the unsightly areas including the power point socket of the appliance cord.

It’s composed of two seperate objects, one being the “hand” and the other a mechanism to connect the hand to the power outlet. After threading your favorite power cord through the connector and hand, you plug in the connector and twist on the hand. 

What’s fascinating about this design is its ability to be used in different ways. At top you see how it can dangle a smartphone while charging, while here we see the same setup holding a lamp. Note that you can dangle and tangle the cord in interesting ways to add to the illusion that it’s a real hand. 

You can even do away with the connector entirely and use the hand as a table lamp as shown here. 

How much does this interesting 3D model cost? Absolutely nothing! It is freely downloadable from Cults3D, a great source for printable 3D models. 

Via Cults3D

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