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3D Hubs Rescues Fallout 4 Fans

With the release of the highly anticipated Fallout 4 today, some fans were unable to procure a wrist-worn Pip-Boy case to accompany the game. But 3D Hubs has the solution. 

It’s an interesting game feature: after downloading the Pip-Boy app to your smartphone, you place it in the special case, which is worn on your arm. This setup is identical to the Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV worn by the game’s main character. The app lets you activate the “real” Pip=Boy during game play. 

It’s a great idea, except there’s a major problem: the cases sold out right away, leaving many Fallout 4 fans behind. 

But - there’s an answer at 3D Hubs, the distributed 3D print service. It seems that one Yvo de Haas designed a replica using SolidWorks that can be 3D printed. All 38 customizable parts must be assembled after printing, of course. 

This enables any Fallout 4 fans requiring the case to print it out right away and be ready for action. 

However, if you don’t happen to have a 3D printer, 3D Hubs has it all set up for you. They’ve pre-configured three sizes of the case in files ready to submit to their 3D printing network for immediate production. You’ll soon get your own case and be operating your own “real” Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV. 

[UPDATE: We've just learned that MyMiniFactory ALSO has a version of this 3D model.]

Via 3D Hubs

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