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MakePrintable’s Free Star Wars 3D Model Offer

Online 3D print repair service MakePrintable is offering a free Star Wars 3D model download available to their users. 

It’s a 3D model of character Kylo Ren, one of the characters in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which just happens to open this week. In the movie, Ren is played by actor Adam Driver. 

If you happen to be a member of MakePrintable, you can obtain a free download of a very detailed 3D model of Kylo Ren. It’s free to signup, so there’s no obligation to go further, although we’ve had some good experiences with the 3D model processing service. 

There’s actually two 3D models in their bundle. One is the entire bust as shown above, and the other is just Ren’s head/helmet. 

Please note, however, that these are extremely detailed 3D models. Check out the microscopic faces on this detail section of the helmet.  The download is 88MB, and after uncompressing, the full bust is 112MB ( 2.2 million faces!) and the head alone is 74MB ( 1.5 million faces). You’ll also need to consider the requirement for support material if you’re printing these models, as there are quite a few overhangs present. 

But what else would you print on the first Star Wars week in decades? 

Via MakePrintable

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