The ATLAS 3D Scanner

Uriah Liggett, founder of Murobo LLC and creator of the all new 3D printable ATLAS 3D scanner, needs your help funding his Kickstarter project. 

From my experience, it’s fair to say that the majority of 3D printer owners rely solely on 3D model repositories like Thingiverse to 3D print objects, instead of designing their own objects or replicating the objects around them. Why? Because there is still a steep learning curve associated with CAD software – and 3D scanners capable of generating printable 3D models currently on the market range from $400 to upwards of $1,000. For the average consumer who bought their printer for less than $1,000, it doesn’t make much sense to buy a scanner for the same price if not more.

Armed with a background in software development and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Uriah has set out to create the ATLAS 3D scanner, the first budget-friendly printable 3D scanner, bringing 3D scanning into the 21st century. The ATLAS could make 3D scanning more affordable and accessible than ever before.

The first iteration of the ATLAS 3D scanner kit includes all the electrical components needed to build the rotating 3D scanner, all required STL files for the printed parts, and an instructional video on how to assemble it all. Although not foolproof, the ATLAS 3D scanner is one step closer to enabling the average consumer to digitize their reality, and replicate it.

Does the device work? Check out the accuracy of this scan, which clearly shows great capture detail.

ATLAS 3D has already raised over 60 times its $3,000 goal as of February 3rd raising more than $180,000, with 3 days to go. Head over to their Kickstarter campaign to check out their USD$189 offer before time runs out.

Via Kickstarter

Fabbaloo correspondent & 3D Printing enthusiast Mike Difronzo – Founder WiZE 3D

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