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3D Printed Left Shark Controversy

The popularity of the Super Bowl “Left Shark” has reached the 3D printing world. 

After the now famous appearance of the awkwardly dancing “Left Shark” at this past week’s Super Bowl halftime show, the character has been popping up everywhere. Some enthusiastic 3D modelers have created 3D models of the Left Shark. 

One, placed on Shapeways by designer Fernando Sosa, has been the subject of a cease and desist order from Perry’s camp, who say the shark design is their intellectual property. Looking today, there does not appear to be any left or right sharks on Shapeways, so the legal takedown was evidently successful. However, there is still a “Blue Drunk Shark” model (image above) that looks suspiciously similar to the more famed Left Shark. 

Meanwhile, you can still obtain a 3D model of the Left Shark on Thingiverse, where Sosa has apparently put the model available for free download. Better get this one before the lawyers show up! 

Via Endgadget, Shapeways and Thingiverse

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