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The 2015 Boston Printathon

In March 3D printers will be busy in Boston’s Brandeis University at the annual Printathon 3D Printing Competition.

The unique event is produced by Deis3D, the Brandeis University 3D printing club. President Eduardo Beltrame explains: 

The Printathon is a 24-hour event in which teams formed by students from various universities gather and compete to produce a 3D-printed creation adhering to criteria revealed at the beginning of the competition by a panel of invited judges. Our goal is to be like a 3D printing hackathon. We are partnering with sponsors to offer awesome prizes for the winners, so far got filament, Simplify3D licenses, and Shapeways will print the winning design.

Teams of 3-6 students are able to enter at no charge (and be fed and watered during the event), as long as they’re able to bring along their printing gear, as no printers will be provided to teams. The teams should bring equipment and design software they’re ready to use during the 24 hour event. 

Judging will be based on the creativity of entries, as well as “complexity and functionality”. Of course, all entries must stick with the secret theme announced at the commencement of the event. 

Interesting restriction: the organizers are not allowing anyone to print using ABS plastic, due to the potentially toxic fumes released. Additionally, other “procedures that release strong fumes or smells” are prohibited. We’re very pleased Deis3D has taken this strong stance on safety; other events should take note. 

If you’re interested, you’d better do so by February 26th, after which it will become more difficult to enter. Note: the registration form appears to accept entries from other universities, so don’t feel left out if you don’t attend Brandeis. 

[UPDATE] Printathon reps now tell us that "All university students are welcome to form a team and participate in the Printathon". There's no excuse now - you'd better enter! 

Via Deis3D

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