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Introducing Mike and Marcus!

Fabbaloo welcomes two new contributors: Mike Difronzo and Marcus Rockcliffe.

You may have seen a few articles written by these folks in the past few weeks - and you’ll be seeing more in the future. But let’s meet the new writers:

Marcus Rockcliffe normally is found working at Creative 3D, a 3D printing retailer and service bureau in Nottinghamshire, UK. Marcus has a degree in computer animation, but now mainly works on product design and 3D modeling (often using Autodesk tools), which led him into the crazy world of 3D printing. He's the fellow on the left in the image above. 

Mike Difronzo lives on the other side of the planet from Marcus in the United States, where he operates Wize3D, a 3D printer retail operation. Mike is highly interested in 3D printing hardware and has written several articles on new 3D printing and related gear. 

If you happen to be interested in writing for us, do give us a shout at and we can discuss your ideas. 

Meanwhile, we're all looking forward to contributions from Mike and Marcus! 

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