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Formfutura Releases Unusual Wood 3D Printer Filaments

Formfutura, a Netherlands-based manufacturer of 3D printer filaments, announced today some very interesting new wood filaments. 

Two filaments are added to their “EasyWood” collection, which previously contained a “Coconut” filament. 

EasyWood Ebony is a very dark brown wood, ideal for creating a classic look for printed objects. 

EasyWood Olive is a slightly greenish brown filament that “enables you to 3D print wooden objects with a nature moss-covered appearance.”

All of these filaments are PLA hybrids, meaning the wood particles are mixed with normal PLA plastic. The implication is that these wood filaments are certainly printable by almost any 3D printer that can print PLA. No heated chambers or heated print surfaces are required, as the amount of warp from the PLA is minimal.

Objects printed in these filaments act very much like actual wooden objects: they can be sanded, drilled and sawed. They even smell like wood when abraded!

As you might expect, these premium filaments are priced at premium levels. All three are now available in either 1.75 or 3.0mm formats in 500g spools at a cost of €33 (USD$37) each. 

Via Formfutura

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