4 AXYZ’s 3D Potential

4 AXYZ CEO Samir Shah provided us with several incredible examples produced by their new process. When you see them and read his explanations, you’ll understand why we think this technology is so important. 

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The Mysterious 4XYZ

A new service popped up purporting to offer radically new furniture through the use of additive manufacturing, known to many through its more common name, 3D printing. The 4AXYZ service says:    WE UNDERSTAND THE FUTURE OF DIMENSIONS ODDM (“oddem”) offers disruptive opportunities to the world of creativity.  4 AXYZ is here to harness Additive… Continue reading The Mysterious 4XYZ

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Another Way to 3D Print in Wood

Wood, the most historical building material – but can you 3D print in wood? Not so much, but some are trying different approaches. Another interesting wood experiment was done by artist and maker Ben Godi, who combined 3D printing and woodworking to produce some amazing models.    Godi’s fascinating “production pipeline” first involves creating an… Continue reading Another Way to 3D Print in Wood

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Wooden Filament? Yes!

We’re not kidding. It really is filament made of wood – and you can print actual wooden objects with it.    Developed by Thingiverse user Kaipa, the “LAYWOO-D” filament is a hybrid mix of recycled wood particles and secret binders. You may use this material in RepRap-style 3D printers at a temperature of between 185-200C,… Continue reading Wooden Filament? Yes!

3D Print Objects In Wood

Amazing? Yes. Inevitable? Probably. A huge step forward? Definitely! Of what do we speak? It’s Freedom of Creation’s latest successful venture into 3D printing using wood as the print material.    Their new “Tree-D Printing” process involves using actual sawdust as print material. Their process is powder-based (or in this case, “sawdust-based”, we suppose) in… Continue reading 3D Print Objects In Wood