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A Large 3D Model Repository You Probably Haven’t Tried

We found a large repository of free 3D models, but there’s one catch: its pages appear in Chinese. But that’s not a problem. 

The site is, and it appears to be more or less a Thingiverse clone. It may even have Thingiverse content in it, but during our inspection we noted models that didn’t seem to be in Thingiverse. 

In fact, there seemed to be quite a few very interesting models we hadn’t seen elsewhere. All of them are available for download at no charge. We’re not certain how many 3D models are in this repository, but some of the categories have hundreds of pages of results, so it’s a big number. 

The site must have many users as well, as many of the items have download counts in the thousands. It may be that this site is busier than Thingiverse!

As we said, the site is in Chinese, which is fine if you read the language. But if you don’t, Google is your friend. By using the Chrome browser, you can set it to automatically translate the pages to English as it loads. 

You’ll need to enter a code to prove you’re not a robot on each download, but otherwise the process of using is pretty seamless. 


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