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Design of the Week: SMF.01 Lamp

This week’s selection is the easy-to-make SMF.01 Lamp kit by UAU Project. 

This item is a floor lamp that you can very quickly build using a combination of 3D printed parts and commonly available wood pieces. Here’s the goal:

Essential parts of all SMF are 3D printed, with wooden structure and add-ons available in local hardware stores. The idea was to make it as simple, cheap and available as possible.

The assembly is very simple and does not require any skill other than connecting parts together. You won’t have to use glue, nails or other messy products. Simply join all the pieces.

Don’t believe us? Watch this video to see how easy it is: 

Printing the several parts will take eight hours, during which you should head to the nearest hardware store to obtain the necessary wooden pieces to complete the assembly. You’ll also need a light socket, wiring and bulb. We strongly recommend using an LED bulb, as other bulbs could create heat that may deform the lampshade component. 

UAU Project is a Polish graphic design studio, how have produced SMF.01 as the first item in a “Self Made Furniture” collection. We’re hoping to see more examples from this collection that can be made by anyone. Anyone with a 3D printer, that is. 

This item is downloadable from Cults3D for only USD$6.49, which when combined with the lumber cost, should make for a pretty inexpensive lamp. 

Via Cults

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