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Design of the Week: Power Loader

This week’s selection is the incredibly detailed Power Loader by Aaron Hartman. 

Power Loader is based on the exosuit worn by actor Signourey Weaver in the second Alien movie, “Aliens”. In the film, the suit was intended to aid workers moving heavy loads, but of course, it ended up battling the Alien, too. 

Designer Aaron Hartman explains his interest in the model: 

It’s the Class II Power Loader from the movie Aliens. I spent months modeling and prototyping and the results are fantastic. The “Exo-suit” is completely articulated and requires only 3D printed parts, paperclips and some flexible filament for the hydraulic lines.

This is a complex 3D model: there are actually fifty separate pieces to this, so it will take time to print all of them, let alone assemble them into the final structure. 

It’s complex enough that Hartman has included several pages of assembly instructions to ensure you put things together in the right sequence. 

You’ll need some paperclips and snips to cut them into small connectors, and some glue appropriate for the material you’ve printed the parts with. 

The entire 3D model is available for download at Pinshape, but it is a premium item, obviously and is priced at USD$23.40. That’s a pretty high price compared to other premium 3D model downloads we’ve seen, but again, this is made from fifty parts! 

If you’re expecting a visit from Aliens anytime soon, you might want to get working on your Power Loader print. 

Via Pinshape

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