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Design of the Week: Bsteady Car Mount

This week’s selection is the ingenious Bsteady Car Mount by Bhold designs. 

The Bsteady is a practical 3D printed design that functions as a stabilized mount for your smartphone’s GPS map display. It uses a rocker feature which tilts the attached phone to match any tilt occurring as the vehicle travels. It’s attached to your dashboard vents in a manner that doesn’t block them and is able to fit with almost any vehicle design. 

The unique curved lower portion is able to cradle virtually any size or shape of smartphone. Brilliant and simple design! They explain: 

Keep your drive safe and your smartphone secure with the Bsteady Car Mount, flexibly designed to fit any phone and any car. Just hang the Bsteady and your phone within comfortable reach from your car’s air vents. The Bsteady doesn't obstruct your driving view or your vent use unlike other bulkier mounts, allowing you to safely view your GPS or playlist hands-free. No tools, adhesion or clumsy suction clips required.

Bhold is a boutique 3D print design firm that produces some very innovative but simple practical prints. We’ve always been impressed with their work, and the Bsteady Car Mount is no exception. 

For now you can order a Bsteady Car Mount by contributing to their just-launched Kickstarter campaign, where they hope to raise USD$5,000 to produce a large batch of units. There are various combinations of purchase options and colors, but the price of a single unit is around USD$20. 

Via Bhold and Kickstarter

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