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This Desktop CNC Machine Gets You Milling for Under $500

An inexpensive 3D milling machine

An inexpensive 3D milling machine

If you’re not getting your recommended daily allowance of sawdust and aluminum shavings, chances are you’re looking at desktop CNC milling machine options. 

There are A LOT more options that we had a year ago and boy are we glad to see it. Prices for most can still be in the thousands though. That’s why the MillRight CNC M3 is putting a smile on our face.

This desktop CNC machine is a fairly standard, quite simple 3-axis kit with a part, power and price combo that won’t break your exotic milling material budget. Though it’s as bare bones and basic as you can get, it sports features like NEMA 17 stepper motors, 9mm fiberglass reinforced GT2 timing belts and 260mmx260mm (10.25″x 10.25″) work area. It runs on an Arduino Uno control board, moving the table in one axis and the spindle in the other.

The MillRight CNC is on sale now for $299.00 USD (reg. $359.00), available through their store and shipping immediately. Options include a black epoxy finish, a homing switch kit and a rigidity kit.

Here’s a breakdown of the specs:

  • Cutting area: 260mm x 260mm x 50mm (10.25″ x 10.25″ x 2.00″)
  • Frame: CNC routed MDF
  • Motors: High torque NEMA 17 stepper motors
  • Belts: 9mm fiberglass reinforced GT2 timing belts
  • Attacments: Pronged tee nuts in work bed
  • Material: wood, plastics, printed circuit boards, thin aluminum

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