Design of the Week: OTF Comb

 The 3D printed OTF Comb

The 3D printed OTF Comb

This week’s selection is the snappy OTF Comb by Thingiverse contributor Framingr.

If the OTF Comb looks like a switchblade, it should, as that’s the intention. Instead of a sharp blade, however, you get a handy comb. 

To be sure, this item is a project with several parts to assemble. Aside from the comb itself, there are two halves of the case, a slider and a couple of spring holders. Yes, you’ll need to supply a spring on your own. 

It should be an easy project, as it requires only a few parts. 

The “OTF” stands for “out the front”, and is used to describe the design of several handheld devices besides switchblades. 

One caution, however. If 3D printed in certain colors, your use of this item might attract attention by those nearby who mistake it for an actual switchblade. In some jurisdictions, such weapons are considered illegal. Use with caution!

Via Thingiverse

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