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Only a Few More Days to Enter Our 3D Printer Contest

We're giving away TWO desktop 3D printers!

We're giving away TWO desktop 3D printers!

Dear readers, we have been running a contest this week that could award you with one of two desktop 3D printers. 

The contest is sponsored by M3D, one of the leading suppliers of low-cost desktop 3D printers today. The company launched in 2014 with a spectacular crowdfunding campaign that provided the funds for them to not only deliver their initial product, but build a company that today offers two more advanced and different desktop 3D printer models, which we covered recently

M3D has very graciously provided two of their current flagship desktop 3D printers, the M3D Micro+, as prizes for our contest. 

But what is the nature of the contest, you ask? It’s quite simple: just sign up for one of our two newsletters using this special entry form. If you’re still subscribed when the contest closes, you could win one of the two prize desktop 3D printers. But we hope you stay around longer, of course!

Full details on the rules of the contest are found here, and once again, the entry form you must use is right here

We will be accepting entries until the close of day, May 31st. After that date we will randomly select two fortunate winners from the eligible entries as of that date. 

Enter now before it’s too late!

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