Reminder: Our Annual Survey Is Still Running

 Our annual reader survey is still open! [Source: Fabbaloo]
Our annual reader survey is still open! [Source: Fabbaloo]

Thought you’d avoid our survey? Not this time!

We really need your feedback and we’ve made arrangements to provide a reward for one lucky participant: a US$100 gift certificate for use at Sculpteo. There you could 3D print or laser cut anything you can imagine using their extensive services.

But from our side, we need your feedback in order to improve our operations. We’ve been running an annual survey for several years now, and from it we’ve learned much about you, our readers.

While the usual analytics can tell us more-or-less where our audience originates, and how many of you there are, these tools cannot tell us what your thoughts on 3D printing and Fabbaloo might be this year.

Thus we’ve organized a very short survey to enquire about your use of 3D printing in the past and future, as well as collecting any suggestions or feedback you have about our own operations here at Fabbaloo HQ.

If you’d like to participate – and we’d really, really like you to do so – please hit the link and fill out our survey. It will take only a few short minutes and we’d totally appreciate anything you’d like to tell us.

Get The Survey Here!

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