The Magic Leap Mixed-Reality Headset? It’s Now Available

The Magic Leap Mixed-Reality Headset

It’s all over the tech news, of course, but the Magic Leap mixed-reality headset, yeeeears in the making, is now available for developers, creators or anyone who wants to shell out $2,295 for ML’s inaugural edition HMD.

The Magic Leap One Creator Edition launches with SDKs, Unity and Unreal Engine 4 support, tutorials, preview experiences, games, the Helio web browser, the Twilio-powered social platform, and the LuminOS spatial computing OS.

After 7 years and $2.3 billion locked down in funding from Google, Alibaba and others, we have what looks like safety glasses your friends would make fun of you for wearing, but Magic Leap’s device and Lightfield technology does some amazing things. In short, the simultaneous mix of 3D scanning, eye-tracking, and going practically untethered is stunning.

 The Magic Leap Mixed-Reality Headset
The Magic Leap Mixed-Reality Headset

The Magic Leap Lightfield tech integrates digital light at varying depths into your field of vision of the 3D captured space instead of, as with other VR/AR/MR tech, superimposing 3d objects, images, and the like, onto the space around you.

The Magic Leap device includes Lightwear (headset), Lightpack (processor, battery, memory) and a single wireless controller. The Lightpack is a small, fist-size disc of a computer that can clip to your belt or slide in your pocket–It’s that small. After you use something like HP’s Z Backpack, you wonder how anything that small can power any 3D experience.


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