nTopology Opens European Operations

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NYC-based nTopology is expanding into Europe.

The company has introduced some interesting software solutions for 3D printing over the years, including Element, which offers easy generation of internal lattice structures, and most recently the promising nTop Platform for seriously complex design capabilities.

And the industry has taken notice.

Since its founding in 2015, the engineering software company has built up a loyal following — and one that has been broadening around the world.

nTopology GmbH

With more customers and partners in Europe, nTopology Inc. has now officially opened nTopology Gmbh.

The European operation is based in Regensburg, Germany, ready to work directly with their user base on that side of the Atlantic.

“Large, global, enterprise-level manufacturing companies are adopting nTopology’s software to address engineering challenges and initiatives such as lightweighting, generative design and Industry 4.0,” said nTopology Founder and CEO of nTopology Bradley Rothenberg. “Our expansion into Germany is the logical next step since that is the base for much of European manufacturing.”

Operations are starting at a good time in the additive manufacturing year. With European companies recently ending their summer holidays, it’s time to head full-steam into the busy autumn season — and nTopology GmbH will certainly be busy.

The team is launching operations with a three-month tour to see some of their European production partners’ sites. The time on the road will bring them into personal contact with these partners — and sometimes such a personal touch is exactly what’s needed to deepen partnerships and create more loyal, long-lasting relationships. In addition to the obvious, of course, of ensuring that those partners develop a thorough understanding of offerings and exactly how these advanced software suites work in the first place.

“Our presence here will serve as an important resource to help customers realize increased product functionality, reduced development cycles and optimized designs for AM,” says Fabian Grupp of nTopology GmbH.

At the end of the roadshow, it’s already time for formnext: the busiest of 3D printing shows. The American team will join their Germany-based counterparts to display at the show, underscoring the global nature of both formnext and, now, nTopology.

Overseas Expansions

The expansion of nTopology is noteworthy not only for the company, but as another pin in the map of international business moves.

In 2019 alone, we’ve heard of American companies like Markforged and Aleph Objects establishing operations in Europe. Similarly, European companies including 3D Hubs and GKN Powder Metallurgy have opened shop in the US, while others like Roboze are increasingly eyeing North America as a strategic focus. And of course, companies like AMFG based in one European* country have expanded to new Euro bases. (*Well, for now, for this UK-based example.)

Such moves are set only to increase as additive manufacturing continues to mature. It makes sense that following a spate of 3D printer OEM, material, and service expansions we’re seeing the same rise in software as well.

3D printing is a global industry, and the companies investing into their global presence will be those that have the best change of thriving.

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