3MF Solves a Massive Problem

The 3MF Consortium announced a new feature that should have a significant effect on the use of 3D printing. 


Could the End of STL be In Sight?

The venerable STL file format for describing 3D models has been around for far too long. But now the end could be finally appearing. 


EOS Joins 3MF

We haven’t written much on 3MF for quite some time now, but there is some news: EOS has joined the consortium.


3MF Releases Production-Oriented Extensions

The 3MF Consortium released two interesting specification extensions that are designed to make life much easier for production environments. 


Should You Join The 3MF Consortium?

Source3 announced they’ve just joined the 3MF consortium, but this made me ponder whether this is something others should do, too. 

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