LulzBot Adds 1.75mm Filament Support

LulzBot Adds 1.75mm Filament Support

We’ve just heard that FAME 3D, the new owners of LulzBot, have made a deal to provide 1.75mm filament support for LulzBot 3D printers.

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Thoughts on LulzBot’s Near-Demise

With the near-demise of LulzBot 3D printers, I am now wondering about the future of open source 3D printer companies. Can they ever succeed again?


LulzBot Revived! Moves to Fargo?

LulzBot may be revived! A company has acquired all the assets of Aleph Objects, including the LulzBot brand.

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The End Of LulzBot (?)

Is this the end of Aleph Objects as we’ve known it? Yes and no.

$lulzbot bioprinter

A LulzBot Bioprinter?

Aleph Objects announced a partnership with FluidForm to develop a 3D bioprinter.

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Aleph Objects Opens European HQ

Aleph Objects has opened the doors to business in Europe with its new HQ in the Netherlands.

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NASA Hopped Up a 3D Printer in 2016

I wish I’d seen this earlier: A 2016 NASA project transformed a desktop 3D printer into one capable of 3D printing ULTEM.


LulzBot’s New Micro Toolhead

LulzBot unexpectedly announced a new toolhead suitable for very, very tiny 3D prints. 


The LulzBot TAZ 7?

Aleph Objects is one of the very few 3D printer companies that offer a glimpse into their future products before they are announced.


Watching The TAZ 6 Grow Up

LulzBot is a fascinating company producing very well-regarded 3D printers, but one aspect of their business is unlike most others. 


LulzBot’s Hackerspace Giveaways Awarded

You may recall we wrote of a contest sponsored by Aleph Objects, makers of the LulzBot line of personal 3D printers, to provide selected hackerspaces with free equipment. Now, they’ve done so. 


An Unreleased LulzBot 3D Printer?

We’re checking out an opensource design for an apparently unreleased 3D printer from LulzBot: the Begonia.


LulzBot Sneaks out a 3D Printer Kit

Bucking the recent industry trend of shipping only assembled 3D printers, TAZ 4 manufacturer LulzBot announced a 3D printer kit. 


New 3D Printer From LulzBot?

No, nothing’s been specifically announced, but we think LulzBot may be sending a signal they’re developing a new machine.

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