An Update on the 3D Monstr

Since I’ve been writing about large-format 3D printers lately, today we are revisiting 3D Monstr’s line of 3D printers. 


MAKEiT Releases the Pro-L Desktop 3D Printer

MAKEiT is a small company producing a powerful desktop 3D printer that’s quite suitable for low volume production use. Now they’re released a newly improved version, the Pro-L.


Another Massive 3D Printer: The Box

Sweden-based BLB Industries has produced a massive 3D printer to join the growing ranks of meter-sized devices on the market. 


The Versa3D is at a Different Level

A few 3D printer manufacturers have integrated different making tools into their devices, but the new Versa3D from CreateAll seems to go a lot farther. 


Rize3D Emerges and Solves a Huge Problem

Stealth 3D printer startup Rize3D today released details on their new device, the Rize One, which has a unique approach to handling support structures. 


From Russia With Imprinta

We took a look at 3D printers from Russia recently, but the interesting part of the story isn’t the hardware. 


MALPRO Breaks the Filament Price Barrier

I’ve always been suspicious of low-cost 3D printer filament, as it can often be of questionable quality. However, MALPRO may have broken that barrier. 


WASP’s 3D Printing Vision Continues to Inspire

Today there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies operating across the 3D printing industry, all motivated by the potential of additive technologies and/or the commercial opportunities that they offer. 


3ntr’s Industrial 3D Printers Enter the U.S. via Plural AM

For quite some time, the only manufacturer of industrial thermoplastic extrusion, or fused deposition modeling (FDM), 3D printers was Stratasys, a leader in the 3D printing space that only became more powerful after merging with Israel’s Objet in 2012. 


HyVISION Introduces Two New 3D Printers

Korea-based HyVISION has launched two new 3D printers, including a resin-DLP unit that’s very different from their history. 


Peasl For 3D Printing?

I ran across an unusual material called Peasl. Could it be used for – or with – 3D printing? 


What Would A FrankenFilament Be Like?

Just as there are many desktop 3D printers, there are as many different kinds of filament for them. But what might an ideal filament be? 


The Case For Adding Injection Molding Capability

Readers of this blog are by definition interested in 3D printing, but there are other ways to manufacture objects. One of them worth considering is injection molding. 


The Story Of Titan Robotics

There are very few ultra-large scale 3D printer for sale today, but one option comes from a small company in Colorado: Titan Robotics.


New Data On 3D Printer Emissions: Good Or Bad News?

Researchers from several institutions have performed more extensive testing on particulate emissions from commonly available 3D printers, and the results should be known by all 3D printer owners. 


Tiertime’s New UP mini 2 Desktop 3D Printer

One of the more popular desktop 3D printers brands has been UP, from Tiertime. Now they’ve announced their best desktop unit ever, the UP mini 2. 

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