AM Provides an Answer for ESD-Safe Aerospace Parts

Outer space is an isolated place. Whether you’re an astronaut on an EVA, a satellite in orbit or a deep space probe traversing the solar system, one thing’s for sure, you’re completely cut off from Earth, its resources and the engineers that can solve any unexpected problems that may arise.


Made In Space’s New In-Vacuum 3D Printer

You’ve probably heard of Made In Space, the company that recently installed a real 3D printer on the International Space Station. Now they’ve developed a new method of 3D printing in a vacuum!


The First 3D Printed Satellite?

A project with the unlikely name of “PrintTheBus” hopes to develop a 3D printed spacecraft platform capable of traveling to the moon. 


The Greatest 3D Print Challenge

GrabCAD and NASA announced what could be the grandest 3D printing challenge ever: win and your design goes into space!


Orbital 3D Printing Really Works!

We’ve written previously of NASA’s incredible 3D printing experiment taking place on the International Space Station. Now we’ve seen a real example of how the technology should work.


Europe has a Space 3D Printer, Too

With all the buzz surrounding NASA’s experimental 3D printer, currently on the International Space Station, you may not have heard that the Europeans also have a space 3D printer. 


Space 3D Printer Is Installed

A few short weeks ago a SpaceX cargo craft carried a unique experiment: A 3D printer designed for space. Now it’s being installed.


3D Printing the Next Spacesuit

NASA has been using 3D printing to develop a future spacesuit that just might be walking on Mars someday.


Finally: A 3D Printer In Space

Made In Space, a company dedicated to the idea of taking 3D printing off the surface of the earth, finally sent their gear aloft. 


NASA Takes Another 3D Printed Step

We’ve written previously of NASA’s experiments with 3D printed rocket components. It seems they’ve taken another key step forward with 3D printing. 


Made In Space Soon Will Be

This August you’ll see a real 3D printer operating in outer space. The folks at Made In Space announced their space-capable 3D printer will fly on the SpaceX Dragon CRS-4 flight this summer. 


NASA Research Aims to Print Wood in Space

In a completely new twist for the world of 3D printing, two researchers are working to create a new bioprinting methodology that would see clumps of cells spawn custom engineered, non-living biomaterials.


NASA’s 3D Printed Instruments

NASA is experimenting with 3D printing techniques to develop not one, but at least three different solutions to space instrument manufacturing issues. 


D-Shape Prototypes 3D Printed Lunar Bricks

D-Shape, makers of a massive 3D printing solution capable of printing large, building-sized structures, has apparently been working with the European Space Agency on lunar


3D Printing the One Hundred Year Starship

Not too long ago DARPA and NASA began hosting symposiums to discuss the possibility of interstellar travel. The brightest minds in the fields of technology,


SpiderFab Weaves Massive Space Structures

Tethers Unlimited hopes to enable inexpensive construction of truly massive structures in outer space by leveraging 3D printing and robotics.    The company is developing


How Big is the Space 3D Printing Market?

At the moment there are no 3D printers in space, so you’d think there’s no market for such things.    We disagree. It’s possible that


NASA’s 3D Microdispenser

NASA often provides small amounts of funding to check out some pretty unusual ideas. One of the projects they’re currently funding is the feasibility of


3D Printed Rocket Parts Fired

You may recall our post on NASA’s plan to use 3D printed parts to replace conventionally-made parts in future rocket engines? It’s much further along


Your Rocket Is Now 3D Printed

Aerojet Rocketdyne has been working with NASA to develop a way to 3D print rockets. Well, not the WHOLE rocket, but certain critical parts, namely


Cubify’s Next Generation

You might recall Cubify’s 3DMe app that puts your head on a custom 3D printed Star Trek figurine? The next generation of the app now


3D Systems Joins Planetary Resources

You may recall the announcement of Planetary Resources? They’re the futuristic company that intends on developing technology to capture asteroids and refine them for their


Made In Space To Really Go To Space

They made the 3D printer, now they send it into space. Made In Space, the startup who have designed a compact 3D printer suitable for


3D Printing The Enterprise

There’s more 3D printed Star Trek with a view of this video by PC Magazine, who took on the task of 3D printing the Starship


Now You Can Go Where No One Has Gone Before

Cubify launched a new dynamic 3D model service specifically for Trekkies: Personalized 3D Printed Star Trek Figurines. If you never had a chance to appear


NASA Developing a 3D Food Printer

According to a report in New Scientist, NASA is funding research that could lead to 3D printed food technology. Texas-based Anjan Contractor of Systems and


NASA’s SpaceShop

No, we’re not referring to the identically-named giftshop at Kennedy Space Centre where you can buy all the freeze-dried ice cream you’d care to eat;


SinterHab: A 3D Printed Lunar Module

A new proposal for 3D printing lunar habitats has been unveiled by Tomas Rousek, Katarina Eriksson and Dr. Ondrej Doule of the International Space University,


NASA Gets Serious About 3D Printing

A post on Mashable describes the goings-on at NASA where they’re deeply investigating the possibility of using 3D printing technology on future space missions.   


3D Printer Starves Astronauts

A science-fictiony proposal in Wired suggests future astro-colonists could feast on dishes prepared by 3D food printers.    The concept seems like a good one;


New Space-Based 3D Printer

You might not realize it, but there are actually two companies pursuing asteroid mining today. One is Planetary Resources, backed by notables such as James


Lunar 3D Printing? Check!

Researchers from several US institutions including NASA recently published a paper describing their experiment in “Lunar 3D Printing”. No, they weren’t actually ON the Moon.


LulzBot Sponsors Mars Expedition

We’re not sure what to make of this. Evidently Aleph Objects, Inc., the producers of the LulzBot personal 3D printer have announced their sponsorship of


NASA’s Space Launch System is 3D Printed

Yes, the venerable Space Shuttle is now retired and host to gawking tourists across the United States, but that doesn’t mean NASA is sitting idle.


Lunar 3D Printing

NASA’s goal is to develop revolutionary technologies to assist in space exploration and they often start the process with funded studies of promising ideas. If


Design of the Week: For All Mankind

There is but one choice for this week’s Design of the Week: For All Mankind, by Thingiverse maker Doug Keenan. We selected this design in


NASA Testing 3D Printers For Space Use

NASA is taking their Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication (EBF3) technology to the next level, according to a report in The Daily Mail.    EBF3 is


3D Printing a Pulsar

A pulsar is a very strange astronomical object that is the result of a collapsing star. The conservation of angular momentum means the small collapsed


Generated Spaceships

Once you have a 3D printer, the eternal question is, “what should I print?” One can tediously look through online repositories for something interesting, or


Made In Space: Update

Last week we mentioned Made In Space’s achievement of testing two commercial 3D printers in a simulated weightless environment. But we wondered which 3D printers

3D Systems

Space-Based 3D Printers Pass Important Test reports this morning on experiments undertaken by Made In Space to verify whether 3D printers can be used in orbit. Evidently two commercial 3D


3D Printed CubeSat

You may have seen a freight train pass by hauling endless standard-sized shipping containers. Those containers make freight economical because the entire transportation system can


Printing Rockets

You may be under the impression that 3D printers produce flimsy models, suitable for show – but not for action. This is generally true, but


Lunar Spin-Offs for 3D Printing?

We’ve been reading a discussion on OpenManufacturing about the discovery of various elements on the lunar surface by NASA’s LCROSS project. LCROSS was a pretty


3D Printing Made In Space

We wrote about NASA’s interest in 3D space printing here and here, but now there is interest from an independent space printing company: Made In


Sintering the Moon

We just finished reading a paper describing the viability of using microwaves to fuse lunar soil (regoilith) into solid shapes, in the hopes of creating


Printing the Moon

We saw a few posts recently proposing to use the D-Shape outdoor printer to be modified for printing a lunar base. That’s an enticing and


The EBF3 Business Case

We wrote a few weeks ago about NASA’s new EBF3 manufacturing process (Electron Beam FreeForm Fabrication), which uses a high-energy electron beam to melt raw


EBF3: Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication

Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication is yet another approach for 3D printing, this time developed by the rocket scientists at NASA. They have good reasons for

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