3D Alliances

AR Support For 3D Printing Companies With New Alliance

Augmented reality (AR) and 3D printing are coming closer together all the time, now including a smart remote field service solution brought to additive manufacturing through a new alliance.


Formlabs Launches Community Spaces Program

Formlabs announced a new “Community Spaces” program that should optimize use of Formlabs 3D printing equipment in public fabrication labs.

3d printlife

An Eco-Safe Water Soluble Support Material

Most 3D printer soluble support materials are not particularly eco-friendly, but 3D Printlife’s 3D-SOLVE is a very safe option for ABS and other engineering materials.

$no support 3D printing

Velo3D’s Incredible Metal 3D Printing Process

Velo3D’s amazing metal 3D printing process is able to print without support material with very high resolution using a “free floating in the powder” system.

#The Best Jewelry Design Tools of 2019 - Jewelry D

3D Print Learning Series: Concepts

This is an entry in our 3D Print Learning Series, focusing on 3D print concepts.

postprocess technologies

PostProcess Partners with Rösler

That didn’t take long. After announcing the establishment of a base in Europe US-based PostProcess Technologies announced an interesting partnership with Germany-based Rösler. PostProcess Technologies


Some Form 1+ Users Not Happy

The now-unsupported Form 1+ 3D printer still has many fans, but some are quite unhappy.


The Several Methods of Dual Extrusion

With the increasing buzz over the near-necessity of dual extrusion, we thought we’d say a few words about how this is done. 


There’s So Much More to Support Removal

I’m reading a white paper from PostProcess that’s discussing the complexities of removing dissolvable support material from fresh 3D prints. 


New Features in Cura 3.2

Ultimaker has released Ultimaker Cura 3.2, which includes a number of very interesting features. 


Rize3D Emerges and Solves a Huge Problem

Stealth 3D printer startup Rize3D today released details on their new device, the Rize One, which has a unique approach to handling support structures. 


MEDICREA’s Real Time Spinal Support Team

A lab service assists physicians in real-time to prepare implantable spinal rods, demonstrating how 3D printing must get much closer to application areas. 


Who’s Your 3D Printing Guru?

While 3D printing has become significantly less complex, it is still beyond the realm of casual consumer use. The workflow from digital model to physical

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