3D Printing Enables Sustainable Production of Nissan Heritage Parts

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3D Printing Enables Sustainable Production of Nissan Heritage Parts
Finding parts for a Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 became much easier thanks to 3D printing. (Image courtesy of Nissan.)

Working with SOLIZE and HP, Nissan is 3D printing replacement parts for its NISMO Heritage Parts, including the Skyline GT-R.

For classic car owners, finding replacement parts is often difficult and sometimes impossible. In 2017, Nissan established its Nissan’s NISMO Heritage Parts program for the on-demand production of discontinued replacement parts. Four years later, getting parts for the Skyline GT-R R32, R33 and R34 will be even easier and more sustainable thanks to 3D printing.“

Our Heritage customers are the most passionate car enthusiasts in the world, and we are dedicated to ensuring they can enjoy their cars as long as possible,” said Kent O’Hara, Nissan senior vice president. “We are excited that SOLIZE and HP can help us please our customers and achieve our goals in a sustainable way.”

While offering to produce those parts was quite welcomed by owners of Nissan’s classic models, the actual production and storage of the parts was not the most cost-effective method for the manufacturer. Knowing that demand was high, Nissan started exploring other options and turned to SOLIZE and HP to begin developing a sustainable, just-in-time production method for specific parts.

“We are seeing leaders of industry like Nissan recognize the massive cost implications of storage, molds and logistics for replacement parts and how industrial 3D printing can help,” said Jon Wayne, HP 3D printing and digital manufacturing global commercial business head. “Digital manufacturing is a viable, long-term solution for accelerating production, transforming supply chains and activating industries such as automotive. Together with SOLIZE, we are focused on helping businesses transform their manufacturing with sustainable digital production.”

SOLIZE and HP 3D printed a plastic harness protector for the Nissan Skyline GT-R R32. (Image courtesy of HP.)

SOLIZE and Nissan first set out to determine which parts would be best for 3D printing. The two companies then turned to HP for its HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) system, which produces highly accurate and durable parts at fast speeds. The technology also ensures more sustainable production. The first part the collaborators tackled was a plastic harness protector for the Skyline using HP’s PA 11 powder, which allows for more design flexibility and has high mechanical properties.

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