3D Systems Sells Medical Simulation Business to Surgical Science

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3D Systems Sells Medical Simulation Business to Surgical Science
[Image courtesy of Simbionix]

3D printing solutions developer 3D Systems recently announced that it will be selling its medical simulation business Simbionix to Surgical Science Sweden AB, a virtual reality simulator supplier for medical training applications.

The definitive agreement was signed in July with the purchase price amounting to $305 million. According to 3D Systems, the decision to sell Simbionix is part of the company’s efforts to divest non-core businesses, allowing them to focus on the development of additive manufacturing solutions. Simbionix will be the final business divested from 3D Systems.

Under the company, Simbionix produced simulators that enabled medical students and clinicians to simulate surgical procedures during training. This included Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) and interventional procedures. The lineup included various simulators for preoperative warm-up whose packages were released during the COVID-19 pandemic. The simulators allow medical teams to rehearse key procedural exercises to refresh clinicians’ skills following the resumption of elective surgeries after the onslaught of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.

The integration of Simbionix into the Surgical Science ecosystem is expected to bolster the latter’s product and service offerings which include advanced robotic surgery. Surgical Science has an extensive portfolio of simulators in various medical areas such as general surgery, endovascular procedures, endoscopy, urology, orthopedics, ultrasound, and robotic surgery. The company will also have access to Simbionix’s established collaborations with medical technology companies and academic institutions that are involved in the innovation of robotic surgery technology and operating procedures.

3D Systems recently restructured the company into two business units: Healthcare and Industrial Solutions. Dr. Jeffrey Graves, the president and CEO of 3D Systems, shared that this new direction will enable them to “move forward expecting strong organic growth and profitability” as they work towards meeting the increased customer demand for additive technology.

“Over the last several months, 3D Systems has divested a number of assets that are not core to our industry-leading additive manufacturing solutions business,” said Graves. “As the Simbionix team now joins forces with Surgical Science, I believe their future will be even brighter, with increased scale and an ability to leverage the core strengths of both businesses in a growing medical simulation market.”

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