3Diligent Focuses On Ease Of Manufacturing Connection With Portal Introduction

A look at a shop page on 3Diligent Portal [Source: 3Diligent]

3Diligent Portal launches today, connecting manufacturers with those who need their services.

The global manufacturing industry is massive, which is great in terms of scope — but can lead to a good many question marks about actual access. Especially when it comes to advanced manufacturing offerings like additive manufacturing, connecting need with provider can be prohibitively complex. Service providers focusing on on-demand manufacturing can be an excellent way to connect the dots, and that’s just what 3Diligent does.

Over the last few years, 3Diligent has been expanding its services and the reach of its digital manufacturing network.

That includes offering smarter products. Earlier this year, the company introduced ProdEx procurement and Shopsight shop management software. Even as the CEO admitted that 2020 is “a wild time to be introducing new products,” it seems the company has one more intro up its sleeves for this year.

Today, 3Diligent launches its Portal application, through which advanced manufacturing service providers can connect with those who need those services.

As anyone who’s ever worked in communications before well knows, it’s one thing to have a great product and a wholly different beast to convey that great product in clear messaging that reaches the right people. Clear messaging, though, meets usable platform at 3Diligent Portal.

“The new application enables manufacturers of all sizes and levels of internet savvy to build an online digital presence, reach new customers, receive RFQs, and ultimately process orders remotely and securely,” the announcement notes.

“Upon creating a Shopsight profile, manufacturers will be provided a free 3Diligent Portal page, where they can share information about their business, receive RFQs, and process them using 3Diligent’s Shopsight shop management software.”

On-demand manufacturing then gets another step easier as the all-in-one portal enables smoother digital connection. An online presence is crucial for doing business not only in the 21st century, but particularly while a pandemic continues to limit in-person engagement. Smaller manufacturers may not have the resources to build a fully functional online presence that clearly establishes everything a customer may need to know.

[Source: 3Diligent]

3Diligent’s Wyatt Hilkene explains to us some of the significance of the launch:

“Why does this matter now? As the industry continues to work through the pandemic, it is critical that manufacturers have a robust online presence so that they can identify, engage with, and secure new business and automate their RFQ process. Customers will be able to identify solutions and fulfill manufacturing requests with unprecedented levels of efficiency.

What’s the differentiator? 3Diligent Portal is not just a directory of nameless manufacturers for customers to choose from — it is providing manufacturers with the tools they need to be successful during a pandemic environment, and beyond, by enabling manufacturers to both manage their operations and their online presence from one easy to use application.”

Through 3Diligent Portal, the intent is that such operations gain access to an immediate, robust online presence — and one tied to 3Diligent’s massive established global network. The Portal page syncs up with ProdEx and Shopsight, quickly and securely connecting customers and manufacturers.

“With the launch of 3Diligent Portal, we are empowering manufacturers with the tools they need to be successful during a pandemic environment. It is an increasingly digital world and it is vital that manufacturers digitize their operations in order to succeed,” said Cullen Hilkene, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 3Diligent. “The 3Diligent Portal will enable manufacturers to augment their online presences while providing customers the information they need to identify the best manufacturer for their job.”

It seems access to 3Diligent Portal is possible immediately with a free Shopsight subscription. As with any service, though, there’s even more to be had through a paid account. 3Diligent notes that “suppliers with paid Shopsight subscriptions can also integrate the quoting API used by 3Diligent Portal into their own website” as well as “issue instant quotes to customers using Portal.”

Via 3Diligent

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