3DOS to Foster 3D Printing Ecosystem with New AeroEdge Collaboration in Japan

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AeroEdge factory [Source: 3DOS]

3DOS has signed an agreement to help build a 3D printing ecosystem in Japan.

3DOS’ main product is 3DPrinterOS, a cloud-based network that enables management of 3D printing operations, including job queuing, dispatch, print parameters and much more. It’s currently used by over 250,000 users and links some 70,000 3D printers.

One of the key features of 3DPrinterOS is its ability to properly secure the intellectual property flowing through the network, and that’s attracted many large enterprises to the service, including NASA, Google and John Deere.

Now they’ve announced a deal with Japan-based AeroEdge, and aerospace components manufacturer. The company has been building parts for the GE Leap engine, which was the first large-scale use of metal 3D printing in the aerospace world.

The agreement is to create a “decentralized manufacturing platform” for the Japanese manufacturing space. It has three goals:

  • Make an order to print the parts you want on demand
  • Monitor the printer in real time
  • Protect confidential information with digital technologies

All of these are entirely achievable with the 3DOS system.

Currently AeroEdge uses GE metal 3D printers, along with gear from DMG MORI to produce parts.

Another aspect to the agreement is the intention to link up with key Universities in Japan and the UK. This will permit seamless operational linkage between AeroEdge, their partners and their institutional network.

This sounds a bit unclear, but I believe that’s by design: the ecosystem is intended to involve many parties to securely move work from the design stage to the manufacturing stage. Not only AeroEdge will benefit from this ecosystem, but also their partners that might take on more work by participating.

AeroEdge manufacturing network concept [Source: 3DOS]

This diagram shows the complexity of the proposed ecosystem and how both intellectual property, cash and work flow through the system.

This is a good move for AeroEdge as it should expand their capabilities and capacity. It’s also good for their network partners as they become more accessible. 3DOS benefits by adding many more participants to their growing network.

Finally, the 3D printing industry as a whole should benefit, as access to the technology will be simplified.

Via 3DOS and AeroEdge

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