3DQue’s Auto-Eject Feature Now Available for Bambu Lab Equipment

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3D print being ejected from a Bambu Lab machine [Source: 3DQue]

3DQue announced they’ve released an auto-ejection capability for Bambu Lab equipment.

The Vancouver company has developed a very sophisticated print farm management software solution they call “Auto Farm 3D”. The software can efficiently manage large farms of devices, dispatching work effectively.

One of the key features of the system is the auto-eject capability. This works by waiting for the print surface to cool, thus physically releasing the print. Then the toolhead is moved to an appropriate point behind the print, where it then slams into it. This causes the print to slide off the print surface to be caught in a bucket in front of the 3D printer.

3DQue has had this feature available on several other machines, but now has enabled it for Bambu Lab equipment.

This is quite important because Bambu Lab is selling monstrous quantities of these devices, and many of them are ending up in print farms due to their reliability.

Even though these machines are quite reliable, the operator still has to manually remove completed prints and reset the machine for the next job. That can be a lot of work for a larger print farm.

However, with the auto ejection feature much of that work goes away. Instead of manually reseting 3D printers, the operator then only worries about replacing spools occasionally and emptying buckets full of completed parts.

That can be a massive savings in labor costs for any 3D print farm operation.

3DQue said the new feature is enabled on the X1C, P1P and P1S models from Bambu Lab. There’s no word on the A1 or A1 Mini, which are also quite popular. My suspicion is that they will be added in good time.

Via 3DQue

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