9T Labs Growth Plan Turns Into Significant Hiring

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9T Labs Growth Plan Turns Into Significant Hiring
9T Labs is growing [Source: Fabbaloo]

9T Labs seems to be hiring a lot of new staff lately.

The Swiss company first appeared on the scene in late 2019 when they revealed their unusual 3D printing process that can produce astonishingly strong parts made from as high as 60% continuous carbon fiber.

The 9T Labs 3D printing process is still a bit of a secret, but it involves two nozzles for extruding polymer and another for laying down strands of continuous carbon fiber. The parts are specially treated in post-processing, which apparently involves both heat and high pressures. How much pressure? Just take a look at their company name for a clue.

Their parts are said to be as strong or stronger than aluminum metal, and that’s largely due to the high ratio of carbon fiber. There are very few 3D printer companies producing equipment that can make continuous carbon fiber parts, and combine that with demand for lightweight and strong parts and you have a recipe for strong company growth.

That seems to be the case with 9T Labs. As recently as December we reported on their hiring goals, where they sought people to fill 11 roles.

A check today reveals their hiring list has swollen to 15. By comparing the list of open roles in December versus today, we find the following new positions seem to have been added:

  • Channel Sales Manager
  • Sales Engineer Aerospace
  • Sales Engineer Consumer Products
  • Sales Engineer General Industry
  • Sales Engineer Leisure
  • Sales Engineer R&D and Academia
  • Tooling & Moulding Engineer
  • Sales Engineer Medical
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Development Intern
  • Internship Mechanical Engineering
  • Internship Robotic Engineering
  • Personal Kunststofftechnologie
  • Plastic Technologist
  • Robotic Engineer

About half of these roles also appeared in the company’s December recruiting list, and it would appear that the roles from that time have been about half-filled. However, there are several new roles added to their list.

The fact that several roles have not been filled after six months suggests that it is challenging to find the necessary technical skills in the job market. This is unsurprising, as most 3D printer companies are booming in the past year, and that growth has no doubt absorbed many experienced people.

While some of the roles are internships, it is clear the company has sufficient funding to recruit many more staff for their relatively small startup operation. That’s likely due to investors seeing the promise of their technology and the ongoing growth in demand for polymer parts substituting for metal parts.

The roles on their list are a mix of sales and in-house technologists of various types. What’s most interesting is that their list of sales engineers effectively shows us their target markets, which seem to be all over the map. Certainly all of those industries could use lightweight continuous carbon fiber products, but its likely they will attract more interesting from a specific industry. That could cause them to focus more deeply, at least initially, on that market. However, in order to find that market they’ll have to explore several and that’s exactly what they are doing.

It seems that things are looking very good at 9T Labs.

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