AML3D Expands to U.S. with New Ohio Manufacturing Hub

By on May 28th, 2024 in Corporate, news

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WAM Metal 3D printing [Source: AML3D]

AML3D is reaching into the US with a new manufacturing base.

The Australian company manufactures a metal 3D printer that uses the wire-arc additive manufacturing process. This is used to build larger metal parts, typically for industry. Their clients include aerospace, manufacturing, military, and maritime industries.

Up until now their operations have centered around Australia, but that’s about to change. They announced the opening of a “manufacturing base” in Ohio:

“AML3D is pleased to announce the signing of a 64-month lease that establishes AML3D’s US headquarters and manufacturing facility (‘US Hub’). The US Hub is located within a manufacturing and industrial district at Stow, Ohio that has excellent national and international transport links to allow AML3D to effectively support it US customer base. The US Hub represents a new round of investment to support AML3D’s high growth US ‘Scale up’ strategy following the recent, successful $6.9 capital raising.”

The company has previously held contracts with US customers, but had been servicing them from their Adelaide office, which just happens to be over 13,000km distant from Los Angeles. That’s a very significant shipping and time zone difference.

Remember that shipping costs are proportional to weight, and AML3D is producing very heavy large metal parts. Shipping to North America from Australia will be expensive.

With the recent investment they’ve been able to open the Ohio office. Once it opens in 2025, they will be able to manufacture parts for US customers and ship them domestically at far lower costs — and quite likely a lot faster, too.

They also plan to use the Ohio facility for other purposes:

“The US Hub’s location at Stow, Ohio not only allows ease of access to transport infrastructure to service US customers but also to the supporting industries and materials required for AML3D’s advanced manufacturing processes.”

That alone could make AML3D a much more viable option for purchasers of large format metal 3D printers in the US, the world’s largest market. It may be that in the long run this move could raise AML3D’s presence in the US to a great degree and thus grow the company significantly.

AML3D is a publicly traded company, and we track their valuation on our weekly leaderboard. I’m very curious to see if they start climbing up the chart after the US office opens.


By Kerry Stevenson

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