Authentise Boosts Threads with Plyable and Google Docs Integrations

By on June 6th, 2024 in news, Service

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Connecting Google Docs to Threads [Source: Authentise]

Authentise announced two new integrations for their “Threads” online manufacturing solution.

Threads — not to be confused with Meta’s social media platform — is intended to bring together the normally separate functions required to collaborate on a design project. Many different roles are required on a project, including CAD, manufacturing, administrative, customers, and more. This is made even more complex by the increasing frequency of having these parties in separate companies, inevitably using separate tools.

That’s where Authentise comes in. They provide a cloud-based manufacturing platform to integrate all these disparate parties. Their Threads app is one of the key pieces, as it provides the means to communicate between parties on projects. This means that interactions can take place in seconds online, rather than scheduling meetings that can take days or weeks to complete.

Threads has multiple integrations to help those conversations and development processes take place. Earlier this year Authentise announced integration of an AI feature that could analyze conversations and develop new insights that might have otherwise been missed by the humans.

Now they’ve announced two new integrations. One is with Plyable, an external party that provides a service producing advanced composite molds. The integration means that Plyable’s functions can be directly invoked from within conversations. If molds are required on a project, then this makes the process quite rapid.

The other integration is with Google Docs. Google Docs is very commonly used, and often found on projects. This is particularly the case for projects involving different companies, where Google Docs is sometimes the only common tool where people can share data.

Threads convo showing Google Doc comments [Source: Authentise]

With the Google Docs integration this file collaboration comes directly into Threads. For example, if a comment is added to a shared Google Doc, the comment then appears in the threads. That can then immediately trigger actions and responses, and also serves as a record of the activity.

Authentise is building something quite interesting. They’ve correctly identified that today’s workflows are highly complex and must flow between different parties. Without proper tools those workflows encounter an enormous amount of friction, and Authentise’s tools are trying to break down that friction.

The integrations announced today make collaborative manufacturing a bit more slippery.

Via Authentise and Plyable

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