Quantica Secures Additional Funding to Advance NovoJet 3D Printing Technology

By on June 6th, 2024 in Corporate, news

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The NovoJet Open 3D Printer [Source: Quantica]

Quantica has raised even more cash to expand their unusual 3D printing technology.

The Berlin-based company has developed a unique binder jet printhead, the NovoJet. Most binder jet printheads have severe material constraints because the fluids used must be quite thin in order to pass through the microscopic nozzles.

Because of that limitation it is not possible to use viscous materials, which tend to be the most interesting for projects. The size of the particles must be small.

The NovoJet system overcomes this through a combination of heat and very high pressure. The NovoJet printhead is able to handle much larger particles with pressures up to 100X higher than normal binder jet systems.

Last year the promising technology led investors to award Quantica with a huge €14.0M (US$15.3M) investment.

Now we learn that the company has secured a second major investment, this time extending their total investment to €19.7M (US$21.4M). It’s not a new investment series, but rather is an extension of their Series A investment.

With access to this significant sum, the company is set to grow. But what, exactly, will they be doing with the cash? They explain:

“With this significant funding, Quantica plans to expand its team and accelerate the development and production of its cutting-edge additive manufacturing solutions. The company has already forged strategic partnerships with industry leaders like ALTANA Cubic Ink®, ImageXpert, and Xaar, further solidifying its position in the market.”

My expectations is that they will work towards developing the platforms to exploit the NovoJet technology, rather than, say, expanding their sales force as might be done by a company with a fully matured offering. Here Quantica is still developing partnerships and materials.

It’s important to remember that NovoJet enables new materials — but they must be identified or even created. That’s only the first step, as applications for 3D printed parts using those materials on NovoJet systems must be identified.

That’s going to take a considerable amount of effort by Quantica, but the new funding will certainly help them get there.

Via Quantica

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