Book of the Week: 3D Printing for Product Designers

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3D Printing for Product Designers [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “3D Printing for Product Designers: Innovative Strategies Using Additive Manufacturing” by Jennifer Loy, James Novak and Olaf Diegel.

Designing items for 3D printing is a skill, to be sure, but it’s quite another thing to design products for other people, especially large numbers of people.

That’s the goal of the product design discipline: devise a product that will be sufficiently attractive to huge numbers of consumers that will cause them to purchase the item.

That’s hard to do. Very hard, indeed.

Designing something for yourself is a matter of considering your specific needs. That’s relatively straightforward because you “know” all of those things. Product designers have a different challenge: figure out what’s in everyone else’s heads.

What is it that people need? How can a device be designed to address those needs? How can the design be made economical to make and buy?

This book examines the processes needed to get that done. It shows you how to carefully “understand” people so that you can then know what processes need to be addressed.

The book includes a step-by-step review of a process that can implement this discipline, which is something that few understand without being shown how it can be done.

The book specifically focuses on 3D printed products, which are becoming more frequently seen in the marketplace.

There’s more to the story than just knowing what to make. There’s also the question of how to make it. Selection of 3D printers, optimizing the cost of production, choosing materials, colors, etc., are all critically important in the production of a new product.

If you’re intending on producing a popular 3D printed item for mass sales, this is definitely a book that you should consider reviewing.

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