Book of the Week: Building Smart Robots Using ROS

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Building Smart Robots Using ROS [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Building Smart Robots Using ROS: Design, Build, Simulate, Prototype and Control Smart Robots Using ROS, Machine Learning and React Native Platform” by Robin Tommy.

Robots aren’t necessarily 3D printed, but very often many of their components are 3D printed, particularly by makers designing their own robot. While there are plenty of ways to learn how to design and 3D print the structural components of a robot, what about the remaining aspects of the design?

Those would include sensors, actuators, motors, cabling, communication, power, and most importantly, smart control. A pile of 3D printed parts won’t do very much unless equipped with a sensible combination of the above components.

That’s where this book comes in. It provides a complete, end-to-end review of all the items required to make a truly smart robot.

The book focuses on the popular ROS software that is used to power many robotic systems, but also explains how to design all the required components, including:

Sensors and actuators
Serial communications
Web control interface with Rosbridge
Physical structure
Vision systems
Motion systems, End effectors
And more

What’s particularly interesting about the book is that it explains with examples of how to set up intelligent function within the robot. Virtual environments for understanding surroundings, performance logic, mapping, marking and other functions are covered.

There is a brief section on using CAD tools to design the physical structure, but you’ll likely require additional material for that aspect if you are not already familiar with a 3D CAD tool.

The physical structure of a robot is one thing, but making it perform smart tasks is quite another. To do so you’ll definitely need to leverage the extensive software presently available on the internet, and this book provides a detailed guide on doing so.

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