Book of the Week: Integrating 3D Modeling, Photogrammetry and Design

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This week’s selection is “Integrating 3D Modeling, Photogrammetry and Design” by Shaun Foster and David Halbstein.

Photogrammetry is one of several base techniques used to achieve 3D scanning. While the others, namely structured light, laser scanning and infrared arrays are effective, they are also quite costly as they require specialized hardware to be used.

And then there’s photogrammetry.

This approach doesn’t require any specialized hardware, but does require specialized software. As a result it is often the least expensive approach to obtaining a 3D scan, and can sometimes produce results that rival those produced by other 3D scanning methods.

Use of photogrammetry has increased significantly in recent years, perhaps due to the availability of high quality inexpensive camera systems, combined with more processing power in the cloud.

This book explores photogrammetry right from the basic concepts, and how it fits in with the design of 3D models. The two processes were originally quite separate, but over time have evolved into overlapping technologies.

It begins with explanations of photogrammetry, computer vision and surface topologies, as well as the design process.

There is an interesting history of photogrammetry, and how it evolved from stereoplotters and airplane photographs, as well as the mathematics behind the magic of photogrammetry. A large section discusses the issues faced when capturing images, such as image quality, focal length, movement, lighting, etc.

The book also explains the typical 3D modeling and design workflows.

Then things get interesting, as the book explains a couple of case studies where a combined photogrammetry and 3D modeling workflow are explored. The idea is to trigger 3D modeling with photogrammetry-collected scans to create new designs.

There is discussion of several hardware and software tools used for photogrammetry, but these are out of date as they have been superseded by several newer options. However, the concepts and history in the book are still quite relevant.

If you’re interested in learning more about photogrammetry, and in particular how you can integrate it into your 3D modeling workflows, this book could be an excellent reference.

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