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Open to Think [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Open to Think” by Dan Pontefract.

Decision-making is a practice we all do constantly, whether it be a life-changing career scenario, or a choice of bread for that deli sandwich. Decisions happen everyday and we must make them.

Usually decisions are made quickly, aside from the obvious questions we face that have huge consequences. Day to day decisions occur very quickly. A quick answer to a quick question, and we’re on our way.

This is a convenient and efficient way of handling simple decisions.

However, decisions are not “easy” or “hard”. There is actually a spectrum ranging from the trivial to the complex. Unfortunately many of us tend to apply the “quick thinking” approach to questions that probably deserve a bit more thought.

Today’s fast-paced world encourages this, and we all fall for it. The result is often poor decisions made in haste when there really wasn’t a need for speed. In effect, our decisions have traded speed for answer quality, and that isn’t a good thing.

This book proposes an alternative approach: Open to Think. The concept is to slow down decision making in certain circumstances to allow for more thought.

In the book, Pontefract describes different styles of “thinking”, broken into four parts: creative thinking, critical thinking, applied thinking and open thinking.

If you’re looking for a few tricks to help make better decisions, Open Thinking might be helpful.

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