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Pencil Me In: The Business Drawing Book for People Who Can’t Draw [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Pencil Me In: The Business Drawing Book for People Who Can’t Draw” by Christina Wodtke.

Wait, this publication is all about 3D printing — why would there be a book about drawing recommended?

There is a very, very good reason. In 3D printing one must always have a 3D model. 3D models are created with CAD software. But before the CAD tool is fired up, one has to have a conception of the design in mind.

Where does that initial conception come from?

Only the simplest projects can be done directly in CAD; most times people will need to bop around some sketches to clarify what they will be designing. It’s an “analog” iterative process that takes place before settling in on CAD to formalize the concept digitally.

In other words, you draw the design in rough form first by sketching it on paper or digital equivalent. I do this each and every time I need to make a 3D model.

While I kinda know what I have in mind, it is really important to sketch it out first because there are design issues you might not realize. Once sketched properly, the CAD part is far easier.

However, some people just can’t draw, and that can be a problem. This book is focused on the idea of increasing you sketching ability through a variety of techniques.

By reading through this book and trying the examples, your drawing skills will be greatly enhanced, as well as your confidence in drawing. Where you might have not bothered drawing before and suffered through initial iterations in complex CAD tools, you would now simplify your CAD experience by crystallizing your design concept.

Anyone designing 3D models would be well served by the material in this book.

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