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Carbon introduced automated print preparation for dental models and new validated post-processing options with Form Wash.

Carbon is expanding its offerings to equip dental labs with time-saving and cost-reducing solutions. At Lab Day Chicago, IL, the company introduced automated print preparation for dental models, new validated post-processing options with Form Wash, and highlighting real-world benefits from customers using the M3 Max printing solution. These solutions may enable dental labs to address the staffing shortages that are impacting the growth of businesses, while helping to lower production costs and increase efficiencies.

“The evolution of our platform is a direct result of us listening to our customers and developing features and solutions that help them bring products to market efficiently,” said Phil DeSimone, co-founder and member of the Office of the CEO at Carbon. “We’re excited to offer solutions that may save labs time and money while providing our customers with the tools they need to combat the labor shortages plaguing the industry, no matter who their resin or hardware provider is. Carbon’s platform continues to evolve to meet the needs of dental laboratories.”

Addressing labor shortages

The new automated print preparation for model production, available only on Carbon printers, eliminates the majority of lab technicians’ manual preparation time – offering the ability to save up to 15 minutes of active labor per print project. With these automated preparation tools, print technicians can focus on higher-value tasks throughout the lab.


The Form Wash [Source: Formlabs]

Carbon is also helping dental labs address chronic labor shortages by validating Formlabs’ trusted Form Wash post-processing systems. The Form Wash process has an automated washing cycle which provides technicians with more time to focus on higher-value tasks. This sustainable, automated washing solution saves post-processing steps and helps labs use isopropyl alcohol more efficiently. Both the Form Wash and Form Wash L solutions have been validated for use in production with the Carbon platform.

Increased efficiency for high-volume production

The M3 and the M3 Max printing solutions provide a wide range of high-performance materials and software solutions tailored for applications across dental and lab needs. The M3 Max, which is currently shipping to customers, features a build area 2.2x the size of the M3, with a native 4k light engine that yields the same pixel size and resolution. The M3 Max is ideal for high volume production of dental models, nightguards, dentures, and other indications.

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