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[Source: The Sanjay Mortimer Foundation]

A new foundation has been established for engineers that needs your help.

E3D has set up the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation, named after the company’s co-founder, who unexpectedly passed late last year.

Mortimer was key to the development of E3D-Online (now increasingly known as “E3D”), the producers of high-quality 3D printer components including hot ends, extruders, and eventually entire 3D printers equipped with advanced features.

Mortimer’s passing was a shock for the entire 3D print industry, which makes extensive use of E3D products. The venerable V6 hot end is found in countless 3D printer designs, all of which benefited from Mortimer’s efforts.

Now E3D has established the Sanjay Mortimer foundation, which intends on supporting upcoming talent. They explain:

“We are setting up a foundation in his name for gifted & talented potential engineers, who are lacking financial or practical resource to fulfil their potential, focusing on those, who, like Sanjay, have ADHD.”

[Source: The Sanjay Mortimer Foundation]

To power the foundation, there will be an auction coming up this weekend, June 11th. The event takes place at E3D headquarters in the UK, but there will be online access.

The auction will handle a series of terrific items from sponsors in the 3D print community, including 3D printers, components, accessories, materials, beer, and even a vacation stay. Bidders can do so during the auction or beforehand via the web page.

The auctioneer for the event will be none other than Fabbaloo friend Joel Telling of 3D Print Nerd. Telling is a terrific speaker and will no doubt do a great job encouraging higher bids for the foundation.

If you’re not into auctions, the group has also established a page on fundraising site JustGiving, where they hope to raise £30,000 (US$37,600) for the foundation. There’s no specific monetary target for the auction, but the more money raised, the more engineers that can be provided assistance.

If you’re a user of E3D products — and you most likely are — then please consider participating in the auction or fundraising campaign.

The more 3D print engineers, the better, and the Sanjay Mortimer Foundation certainly will help make that happen.

Via Jumblebee and JustGiving

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