Create It Real’s Advanced Slicing Capabilities

By on August 18th, 2022 in news, Software

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Ultra-strong FFF 3D prints made by advanced slicing by Create It Real technology [Source: Fabbaloo]

Create It Real has been quietly getting their advanced slicing system out to industry partners.

Create It Real must be one of the most mysterious companies in the space. The Danish company was founded in 2009, and in 2013 showed an advanced 3D printer controller board that dramatically sped up printing by a factor of five. While the rest of the industry is still catching up to the speeds Create It Real demonstrated years ago, the company has shifted towards more software-oriented solutions.

Part of their work on the controller board involved building complementary advanced slicing software, which the company now focuses upon. However, unlike many popular slicing systems, Create It Real’s software is sold through white labeling: companies buy it, then incorporate it into their own slicing systems.

One company that’s done so is FUSION3, which offers the REACTOR slicing system — it’s based on Create It Real technology behind the scenes.

Create It Real has multiple other parties using their technology, including ActivArmor, the producers of custom casts and splints for patients.

Advanced slicing by Create It Real technology enabled this 3D printed midsole [Source: Fabbaloo]

Another application is custom slicing for insole 3D models, as shown above. The ability to change the slicing technology to focus on a particular application is quite powerful and obviously of interest to those companies offering specific types of 3D print applications.

Create It Real has also partnered with Addman Group, a manufacturing company with different operations based across the United States. One of the products offered by Addman Group is “CAAM”, or Computer Aided Additive Manufacturing.

CAAM, as you might suspect, also uses Create It Real technology behind the scenes. CAAM offers some very interesting slicing capabilities, and in particular has a way of generating infill that is vastly stronger than typical infill. CAAM uses a unique interlocking infill technology to accomplish this, which is said to be “up to 50% stronger and with 100X less porosity than conventional slicing.”

From what I understand, the toolpath has a means of joining the object’s perimeters to the infill in a much stronger manner than simply dropping extrusions adjacent to the outside walls as most slicers do.

It’s likely there are many more slicing enhancements and specialities to develop, and Create It Real has positioned themselves to meet that challenge.

More than likely we will see an increasing number of specialized slicing systems that offer unusual power over the general slicing systems of today.

Via Create It Real and Addman Group

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