Design of the Week: Fieldstone

By on June 17th, 2024 in Design, news

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This week’s selection is the Fieldstone 3D printed table by Erco Lai.

Fieldstone is a 3D printed table, produced in quartz sand by Sandhelden. Sandhelden is a unique 3D print service based in Germany that takes on unusual projects such as this one.

Erco Lai is a prolific industrial designer with a considerable amount of 3D print experience. Working at the F.G. Studio in Barcelona, he designed this unusual work.

Sandhelden explains the project:

”This artificial-stones-stacked table, Fieldstone, marks the convergence of digital fabrication and stone masonry. Beyond encapsulating the core principles of artificial rocks, this innovative piece introduces a novel aesthetic dimension to the realm of 3D sand printing and the future of craftsmanship. This artistic pursuit transcends the creation of functional objects; it aspires to redefine the relationship between crafted elements and the natural world, contributing to an evolving narrative at the intersection of art, technology, and craftsmanship.⁠”

While at first glance Fieldstone appears to be a single object, it’s actually a collection of stacked sand pieces, each 3D printed.

Here you can see a bit of the detail, showing a slight gap between segments. This is an unusual method of producing the table, but resonates with the theme “fieldstones”, which traditionally are piled together to make something useful.

Via Sandhelden and F.G. Studio

By Kerry Stevenson

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